There are Two Rules for Success

Clever quotes. What can I say. They spin the mind. They’re like a playful toy to a youth. I ran across one a couple of months ago and it has stuck with me. It is by Roger H. Lincoln.


There are two rules for success:

1) Never tell everything you know.


At first you’re like yeah, where is number two? What’s the second rule? You’re interested. You want to know what the two rules are.

Its transactional. The deal is: you read the quote and you get the information. And this quote doesn’t complete the deal.

But then you read it again. And after a pause you realize that is the point.

Its experiential. Its a joke. Its clever wordplay. You get a little mental reward for switching how you see it.

Sometimes you have to sit back and ask yourself “how should I be thinking about this?”


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