Fourth Anniversary of

Big day for my blog. I’m proud of what it has become over the last four years and what is still awaiting me.  We all get inspired and many of us translate that into a journal or a twitter entry. I’ve grown through my critical thinking and writing discipline. Assembling ideas and making it relevant either through timeliness, story, or research for the reader is fun but it’s hard work. It isn’t easy to focus and concentrate on a topic that others will learn from.

With that said, I’m changing gears with the blog. It began a few months ago when my entries started to be a bit more long form. Twitter does a great job at the short form and I’ll incorporate it as an accompanying communication channel but my main entries will continue to be more in depth. Probably more spaced out too.

I like creating engaging entries with illustrations, videos, and meaningful explanations and stories. I’m going to push for more interaction via facebook, twitter, linkedin, interviews, guest entries, and comments. I already have a new format, which will continue to change, and I’m going to mature the site as a platform. We’ll see where it goes.

Working Thoughts 6/27/07

1st Blog Entry

Working Thoughts 6/27/08

First Year Anniversary of Working Thoughts

Working Thoughts 6/27/09

Two Year Anniversary of Working Thoughts – Part 1

Two Year Anniversary of Working Thoughts – Part 2

Working Thoughts 6/27/10

Three Year Anniversary for Working Thoughts


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