Thank You to Those that Inspired Me in 2010

For the past several years I’ve taken time to review the last 365 days of this Working Thoughts blog. I’d say the main theme of 2010 was people. I pull in interviews, achievements, and personal stories. As evidenced by my list below, there is a foundation of great thinkers ready to lead the next wave of economic prosperity in this country. It just won’t look like the last 50 years.

Other Years:

On to the stats:

  • 90 citations of work
  • 86 different contributors referenced comprised of:
  • 36 Articles
  • 20 Blog Entries
  • 4 Books
  • 4 Research Papers
  • 3 Speeches
  • 16 Videos
Thank You!

Blog Entry Last Name First  Cite Link Date Type
1 Learning
to Think and Business Training are Not the Same Thing
Zernike Kate Making
College ‘Relevant’
1/6/2010 Article
2 Job
Creation in the 2000s?
Norris Floyd US
Labor Market in the 2000s
1/11/2010 Blog Entry
3 Drive:
The Surprising Truth About What Motivates US – A Book Review
Pink Dan Dan Pink
on the surprising science of motivation
1/13/2010 Book
4 What
Motivates Conan O’Brien?
O’Brien Conan Conan
O’Brien’s Speech to the Harvard Class of 2000
1/14/2010 Speech
5 The Apple
Jobs Steve Steve
Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
1/20/2010 Speech
6 Tactics
for Winning at Political Science
Friedman Tom More (Steve)
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
1/25/2010 Opinion
7 Unsurprising
Job Survey Results Show a Ready to Jump Workforce
Grasz Jennifer Despite
Competitive Labor Market, One-in-Five Workers Plan to Change Jobs in 2010,
New CareerBuilder Survey Reveals
1/28/2010 Research
8 Understanding
Your Customers in Context
Tjan Anthony The
Three-Minute Rule
2/3/2010 Blog Entry
9 The
Last Mile is a Land of Opportunity
Mullainathan Sendhil Solving social
problems with a nudge
2/11/2010 Video
10 Take
a Moment and Ask “What Story Would I Tell about Myself?”
Bregman Peter A
Story About Motivation
2/14/2010 Blog Entry
11 “EL
Szarowicz Mike 2/17/2010 Blog Entry
12 Unemployment
Is Not Distributed Evening Across Income Levels – No One Thought It Was
Sum Andrew Labor
Underutilization Problem of US Workers Across Household Income Groups at the
End of the Great Recession: A Truly Great Depression Among the Nation’s Low
Income Workers Amidst Full Employment Among the Most Affluent
2/23/2010 Research
Khatiwada Ishwar
Palma Sheila
13 Business,
Federal Government, and Exports Carries GDP to 5.9% Growth
Kennedy Bobby Remarks
of Robert F. Kennedy at the University of Kansas, March 18, 1968
2/26/2010 Speech
14 In
a Service Economy, Make the Experience Good, but the Memory Even Better
Kahneman Daniel The
riddle of experience vs. memory
3/4/2010 Video
15 Awards,
when they are genuine and sincere, they are highly motivating
Frey Bruno Awards:
A Disregarded Source of Motivation
3/13/2010 Research
Neckermann Susanne
16 Awards,
when they are genuine and sincere, they are highly motivating
Hoffman Calem neutron-rich
3/13/2010 Research
17 Open-Book
Management, Motivation, and Progress
Stack Jack Starting
Over in Lexington: Turning the Plant on Its Head
3/17/2010 Blog Entry
18 Lists
for Successful Business Growth
Harnish Verne 6
ways to grow your business
3/18/2010 Article
19 A
Time of Year to Ask “What could I have done better?”
Bates Erik Math
Puts a Decision From M.I.T. in Context
3/23/2010 Blog Entry
20 Google
and China: A Social Take
Oreskovic Alexei Google finds few
allies in China battle
3/25/2010 Article
21 Who
is Gary Vaynerchuk?
Vaynerchuk Gary Building
Your Personal Brand
3/30/2010 Video
22 Marrying
“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” & “You Can’t Manage What You
Can’t Measure”
Schell Jesse Design
Outside the Box
4/6/2010 Video
23 Is
the Job Market Ready for Good News?
Rose Stephen Relax, We’ll
Be Fine
4/9/2010 Article
24 Is
the Job Market Ready for Good News?
Litan Robert “Between
1980 and 2005, virtually all net new jobs created in the U.S. were created by
firms that were 5 years old or less,”
4/9/2010 Article
25 Is
the Job Market Ready for Good News?
Gardella Adriana Make
the case for a bigger raise
4/9/2010 Article
26 Is
the Job Market Ready for Good News?
Norris Floyd Why So Glum?
Numbers Point to a Recovery
4/9/2010 Article
27 Last
One in the Pool is a Rotten Egg
Quick Becky Who
Says the Economy is Rebounding?
4/16/2010 Article
28 Last
One in the Pool is a Rotten Egg
Surowieki James Timing
the Recovery
4/16/2010 Article
29 Beyond the
Carter  Bill The Scoreboard
Can’t Tell You Everything
4/21/2010 Interview
30 Beyond the
Rampell Catherine Young
and Unemployed, Around the World
4/21/2010 Blog Entry
31 To
Implement a Change You Need a Leader but You also Need a First Follower
Sivers Derek How
to start a movement
4/27/2010 Video
32 The
Next 10 Years a Leadership Change will Occur
Kaihla Paul The
Coming Job Boom
4/30/2010 Article
33 Knowledge
and Stories
Gladwell Malcolm Pandora’s
5/6/2010 Article
34 Looking
at the Scoreboard Only Takes a Second – It’s Worth It
Schrage Michael Why
Keeping Score Is the Best Way To Get Ahead
5/12/2010 Blog Entry
35 Lulled
Into a False Sense that the System Knows Better than You Do
Surowieki James The
Flaky Stock Market
5/13/2010 Blog Entry
36 Lulled
Into a False Sense that the System Knows Better than You Do
Norris Floyd Time for
Regulators to Impose Order in the Markets
5/13/2010 Article
37 Why
We Make Mistakes – A Book Review
Hallinan Joseph Why
We Make Mistakes
5/17/2010 Book
38 A
National Review of Education – Start Evolving Now
Meyer Dan Math
class needs a makeover
5/20/2010 Video
39 New
Graduates Entering the Workforce: What to Expect
Greenhouse Steven ‘Glimmers
of Hope’ for Grads
5/24/2010 Article
40 Consider
Your Influence
Chafkin Max The
Oracle of Silicon Valley
5/26/2010 Article
41 The
Chicken and the Egg – Influence and Motivation
Solman Paul Examining
the Motivations of the Modern Workforce
5/28/2010 Video
42 Practice
for the Glory. I’m excited about the World Cup.
Napier Sharon On Her Team,
It’s All About Bench Strength
5/31/2010 Interview
43 Considering
a Passionate Outlet: For You and Your Employees
Christian  Derek Training
workers to leave for a better job
6/1/2010 Article
44 Dan
Pink on HBR Video
Pink Dan Daniel Pink on How the 21st
Century Brain Affects Creativity
6/9/2010 Video
45 The
Less is More Gadget Guy
Darlin Damon While
You Were Sleeping…
6/11/2010 Article
46 Data
Collection is Getting Cheaper, Better, and Automated: Sensors
MacManus Richard Why
HP Thinks Sensors Will Lead to The Next Big Wave of Computing
6/13/2010 Article
47 We
Respond to Small Cues Very Effectively
Sutherland Rory Sweat
the small stuff
6/15/2010 Video
48 A
Belief System Redefined
Davis Wes The
‘Learning Knights’ of Bell Telephone
6/17/2010 Opinion
49 Figuring
Out Repeatable Decision Guidelines is So Valuable
Gigerenzer Gerd Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart 6/18/2010 Book
Todd Peter
50 Wealth
Distribution Around the World
Elliott Michael The
New Global Opportunity
6/22/2010 Article
51 To
Succeed in Life You Must Have the Ability to Accept Failure as an Outcome,
Rebound From It, and Try Again.
Johnson Whitney The
Long of Coming Up Short 
6/24/2010 Blog Entry
52 There
is a Flip Side to Risk, The Side that Ignores It
Dunning David The
Anosognosic’s Dilemma: Something’s Wrong but You’ll Never Know What It Is
(Part 5)
6/25/2010 Opinion
53 Be
More Creative By Brushing Your Teeth
Tierney John Discovering
the Virtues of a Wandering Mind
6/29/2010 Article
54 Opinions
on the Economy for Today and Tomorrow
Isidore Chris 7.9
million jobs lost – many forever
7/9/2010 Article
55 Opinions
on the Economy for Today and Tomorrow
Rich Motoko Factory
Jobs Return, but Employers Find Skills Shortage
7/9/2010 Article
56 Opinions
on the Economy for Today and Tomorrow
Alsever Jennifer Forget
India, outsource to Arkansas
7/9/2010 Article
57 Matching
a Job Opportunity with the Appropriate Labor
Rodriguez Arturo Take
Our Jobs
7/13/2010 Video
58 What
Do You Know about Your Produce?
Kiviat Barbara Creating
not just jobs, but good jobs
7/16/2010 Blog Entry
59 “The
Gap is Between Doing Nothing and Doing Something”
Shirky Clay How
cognitive surplus will change the world
7/21/2010 Video
60 “The
Gap is Between Doing Nothing and Doing Something”
McCandless David Cognitive
Surplus visualized
7/21/2010 Blog Entry
61 A
Good Kindergarten Teacher is Worth More than Dollars and Cents
Leonhardt David The
Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers
7/27/2010 Article
62 Showing
the Economy Through Illustrations
Mulbrandon Catherine Billionaires of
the World
8/2/2010 Blog Entry
63 Wealth
Distribution and Taxes: What’s Fair?
Tseng Nin-Hai Why
these billionaires are pledging away their wealth
8/9/2010 Article
64 Wealth
Distribution and Taxes: What’s Fair?
Haris Lex Raise
taxes now — the elders of the economy say so
8/9/2010 Article
65 Wealth
Distribution and Taxes: What’s Fair?
Surowieki James Soak
The Very, Very Rich
8/9/2010 Article
66 Well
Said Leadership Characteristics
Barrett George Team
Insights? Just Use Your Peripheral Vision
8/17/2010 Interview
67 Billions
of Dollars: Giving, Spending, Fighting, Accumulating, Owing, Losing, and
McCandless David The
Billion Dollar-o-Gram
8/25/2010 Blog Entry
68 TED
Talk: David McCandless from Information is Beautiful
McCandless David The
beauty of data visualization
8/27/2010 Video
69 He
Quit His Job and the World Got Richer – The Khan Academy
Khan Salman The
Khan Academy
8/30/2010 Video
70 He
Quit His Job and the World Got Richer – The Khan Academy
Kaplan David Bill
Gates’ favorite teacher
8/30/2010 Article
71 Teachers
Often Go the Extra Mile for Their Students – There’s a Means to Help Them Get
Guggenheim Davis Waiting for
9/9/2010 Video
72 Taking On
Carey Benedict Forget
What You Know About Good Study Habits
9/13/2010 Article
73 Not
Always Ready to Hear Feedback
Bregman Peter How
to Handle Surprise Criticism
9/17/2010 Blog Entry
74 How
Pleasure Works – A Book Review
Bloom Paul How
Pleasure Works
9/24/2010 Book
75 Inspiration
and Institutions
Gladwell Malcolm Small
10/3/2010 Article
76 Right
Place at the Right Time Happens, It Isn’t a Fluke.
Tjan Anthony Make
Luck Work in Your Favor
10/7/2010 Blog Entry
77 Generational
Delay in Leadership
Lashinsky Adam 40
under 40
10/18/2010 Article
78 Generational
Delay in Leadership
Sullivan Paul Scrutinizing
the Elite, Whether They Like It or Not
10/18/2010 Article
79 Learning
about Risk and Reward in the Marketplace
Govindarajan Vijay Marketplace
Literacy: A Reverse Innovation Opportunity?
10/21/2010 Blog Entry
80 Learning
about Risk and Reward in the Marketplace
Stibel Jeff How
Forethought (Not Intuition) Separates the Good from the Great
10/21/2010 Blog Entry
81 Learning
about Risk and Reward in the Marketplace
Colvin Geoff Uncertain
of future regulation, businesses are paralyzed
10/21/2010 Article
82 Cartoons:
A Subtle Story Telling Mechanism
Chappatte Patrick The
power of cartoons
11/2/2010 Video
83 Good
Time to be a Tech Startup
Cournoyer JS The
implications of too much VC money and too little startup talent
11/19/2010 Article
84 Scared
of Ideas or Open to Change?
Bailey James Employees
See Death When You Change Their Routines
11/29/2010 Blog Entry
Raelin Jonathan
85 Scared
of Ideas or Open to Change?
Miller Claire Cain Google
Grows, and Works to Retain Nimble Minds
11/29/2010 Article
86 Scared
of Ideas or Open to Change?
Brennan Bob Defensive? It
Leads to Destructive
11/29/2010 Interview
87 Moved
to an Emotional Brink?
Hoefen Bret My Story 12/14/2010 Blog Entry
88 Value
Creator – CEOs
Morris Drew 2010
CEO Wealth Creation Index Shows a Few Surprises
12/22/2010 Article
Burdi Michael
89 As Time Goes By,
Is the Economy Getting Better or Worse?
Yousuf Hibah Jobless
claims drop below 400,000 mark
12/30/2010 Article
90 As Time Goes By,
Is the Economy Getting Better or Worse?
Wells John The Company Men 12/30/2010 Video


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