Communication Skills are a Good Investment No Matter the Job Market

As a business man I’m interested in talented individuals. The free flow of ideas within a company is an advantage, but it needs good communication channels, both mechanically and culturally.

The news tonight ran a story that made me sit up and watch. It was about a Peruvian woman who has been in the US for six years. She is attending John Hopkins University in the fall to earn a PhD. In preparation for this education opportunity, she is investing in her speech by undergoing speech therapy. She practices speaking clear English everyday for an hour and once a week a therapist comes to her house for some coaching. This service costs about $120 a week.

As I thought about the news story it dawned on me what a win-win this service is. The student improves how well they are understood and the service provider can earn a fair wage providing a market need. The supply of speech therapists isn’t nil – there were several Google returns just for the Charlotte area – but I see this need growing, especially as India, China, Brazil, and Latin America grow in their engagement with the US.

The job market isn’t doing well right now and part of the reason is because the skills that are needed aren’t being taught effectively. Our schools are engineered to create direction followers and now the job market needs other skills. But those skills aren’t being offered in curriculum streams that are affordable. Programs like this speech therapy are the right starting point. It emphasizes person to person interaction and very few wouldn’t benefit from it. It could be it’s own cottage industry of entrepreneurs.


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