More Support for the Jobs Report: Census Work is Good

I often cite the need for a new type of education and work path for the US. We need innovative business plans, products, and services. Those types of jobs are what raise standards of living. But yesterday I commented that the census jobs were very much worthwhile. Why the change of heart?

I’m not an advocate for a return of manufacturing jobs as the base of the US economy. However, in many cases the US can build a product better than anyone else can. So if demand is there, then get the people working on it.

Why I’m a fan of the census portion of the Jobs Report is because these are most likely people that didn’t have many other options. The unemployment rate is mainly affecting the young and uneducated . This type of work gets them into a working situation . The human side of equation needs this. These people need to build confidence in themselves, pay some bills, and feel the liberation of a hard days work. And because the jobs are temporary they can continue to search for something more stable.

We tend to have an idealized version of the perfect career plan, but the reality is that most people meander through different stints here and there and then somewhat fall into a position. These situations occur a few times throughout everyone’s career. The trick is to stay current and to take advantage of the next opportunity, whether it’s a slight career change or knocking on doors for the census.


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