Knowledge and Stories

Knowledge is power or so goes the cliche. No one doubts that notion, but knowledge is hard to fence in. Having a reputation for being a smart person can buy you a lot of influence. But knowledge at some point is based on facts. It then takes on some opinion and occasionally a narrative.

The New Yorker ran a Malcolm Gladwell story called Pandora’s Briefcase which is an account of a WWII spy caper. Gladwell’s emphasis is on the real significance of the spy game. The deception is often so convoluted that it’s the truth, but with twisted mind games.

When you consider a path to making a decision, it’s important to take in the hard facts, the opinions of others, and whatever viewpoints you have. But you can’t over rate the latter two. And you certainly can’t fall in love with a story you’ve devised in your head. The one that explains the reason why everything is the way it is and the simple answers that set off a chain reaction of goodness. You certainly are a knowledgeable person, so knowledgeable that you let the facts tell the story.


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