Winning and a Job Interview

Imagine if you were interviewed for 3 months and your interviewer had tape of your prior job. And you know your name will be in the paper the day after a culminating employee selection process.

If you are an elite college football player, that is what is happening with you right now as the National Football League (NFL) draft starts tonight. I wished this happened with entrepreneurs or scientist, but since I love sports I’m still excited about it.

There’s a guy by the name of Tim Tebow . No one thinks he’s the first player selected, he isn’t even believed to be the first player picked for his position. But he’s the story. Who is going to invest in him? The reason is because he’s a rare athlete who has a terrific work ethic. But his game doesn’t currently sync up with what is typical for the NFL. His talents overwhelmed his competition in college, but the belief is that won’t work in the NFL.

This is a fundamental question about college and careers:

Is your college education supposed to be a form of training? In Tim Tebow’s case, his coaches didn’t prepare him for his next job. His throwing mechanics are awful and his quarterbacking reads are slow. He will have to learn those things on the job. 

Or is college about learning how to think? And this is why Tim Tebow is so interesting. He didn’t learn how to throw the football in a compact fashion, but he did learn what it takes to lead and win. Sometimes, its a run play fighting for two yards and other times its a 15 yard out pattern for a last second touchdown. He learned problem solving in pressure situations. I tend to believe that what he learned will serve him for the rest of his life, including football.

The parallel I see is Doug Flutie . He is a smallish quarterback from Boston College who won big games in college and fought height perceptions in the pros. I’m a Bills fan and towards the end of his career he signed with them. I watched him several times pull games out that looked dire. He just had a knack for making something good happen when the pressure was on.

These are the type of skills that deserve televised events and the celebration that goes with it.

Tim Tebow was selected by the Denver Broncos with the 25th pick in the draft (1st round).


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