Track Your Pizza and Say Thank You

Today I was pleasantly surprised by two companies. One company is being innovative and the other is just being classy.

I ordered a pizza online. The deal was two topping, two medium pizzas. Supposedly, this company has a new recipe for it’s pizza. Anyway, I ordered and when I completed my order I was presented with a process time-line with updates. It’s very simple, but it allowed me to know when to expect the delivery man to show up. It also had little blurbs like “Jason is hand tossing your custom order now” below it.

This Dominos Pizza innovation reminds me of package tracking through Fedex or UPS. I love getting a link and being able to follow whatever it is I ordered. Now pizza is the same way.

The other company that impressed me is Brighton. They sell jewelry, the charms type. My wife bought a bracelet with some charms on it. About 5 days later we got a hand written thank you note from the sales person. It was a good personal touch, unexpected, and now we have some form of relationship with them.


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