Positive Sentiments: Is Hiring Poised to Make a Run?

Manpower, Inc is an employment company that helps Human Resource departments prepare for personnel changes, whether it is hiring or anticipating lay offs. They produce surveys periodically that get the pulse of the work environment. My last post was the jobs report which is a look back in time. The Manpower, Inc survey is future looking. Here are the numbers with some commentary from me:

>18,000 employers surveyed:
73% expect to keep staff levels stable (Considering this number is tying an all time high, I’d say that it is very good news because very few people are going to predict hiring)
16% anticipate an increase in staff levels during the 2nd Quarter of 2010
8% expect a decrease in payrolls (a positive flow of 8% – seasonally adjusted to 5%)

12 of 13 industries are expected to expand hiring in the 2nd quarter of 2010. Those are:
Leisure & Hospitality (+17%) – Summer months
Professional & Business Services (+15%) – In line with the Jobs Report
Mining (+11%)
Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+9%)
Financial Activities (+9%)
Durable Goods Manufacturing (+8%)
Information (+8%) – This was called out in the Jobs Report as well
Transportation & Utilities (+8%)
Wholesale & Retail Trade (+7%)
Construction (+4%) – This is surprising considering Construction has lagged all other positive news
Other Services (+4%)
Education & Health Services (+3%) – Health Care has been a consistent winner for two plus years
Government (-1%) – The federal level is hiring, but states and local governments are slashing workers because income is severally depressed and balanced budget laws prevent taking too much debt on at this level

Geographical Trends
Northeast (+8%)
South (+6%)
West (+6%)
Midwest (+4%)

Working Thoughts 3/9/08
The Different Classes in the US
2006 median household earned $48,201
1999 median household earned $49,244


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