Ask Yourself “What if…”

There are signs out there that the US economy is healing. The Jobs Report looks relatively OK, GDP is going gang busters, and the PMI is showing a rebounding manufacturing sector. Plus home sales are coming off lows. There is certainly weakness too – foreclosures are still on the rise.

What if we are at the precipice of a turn around? What if the economy is about to change for the better? How does that change your view of 2010?

  • Are you as mad at the government?
  • Do you buy a new car?
  • Will you take a up a new “you never know” hobby?
  • Is there a trip to Disneyland instead of camping?
  • Will you move to a different city?
  • Are you financially scarred by this?
  • Do you look back at 2007, before we went off the economic cliff, with a suspicious eye?
  • Do you wish it was still 2007?

We’ve spent the last two years healing our wallets, paying debts, getting the house in order and biding our time. It feels like there is an enormous amount of pent up demand for the things like clean energy, demonstrating ethics, and new forms of education. So many people have sacrificed and tested their mental will power – they are changed, but it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a bucket of beer, a beach, and a sunset.

What if…


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