Unsurprising Job Survey Results Show a Ready to Jump Workforce

CareerBuilder.com often produces worthwhile studies and reports and a couple of weeks ago they published their findings from a survey conducted in November, 2009. The report is titled Despite Competitive Labor Market, One-in-Five Workers Plan to Change Jobs in 2010, New CareerBuilder Survey Reveals and it has some great numbers in it. Here are some:


  • 57% of workers didn’t get a raise last year
    • it was 35% in 2008
  • Those that did get a raise, 28% got an increase of 3% or less
  • 71% of workers didn’t get a bonus

Switching Industries:

  • 20% of workers plan to switch careers/fields in the next two years. The reasons:
    • 67% say they are seeking more interesting work
    • 54% say they want higher pay
    • 41% say they want career advancement
    • 36% say they want stability

Leadership Ratings:

  • 23% of workers judge their corporate leaders as poor or very poor. Reasons:
    • 35% say it’s the inability to address employee morale
    • 30% say there is a lack of transparency
    • 28% say major changes are made without warning

There are other great numbers that I skipped over as well.

The Conference Board also echoed similar sentiment in a report titled I can’t Get No… Job Satisfaction, That is

  • Almost 25% say they don’t expect to be at their current job within a year
  • 45% of Americans say they are satisfied with their job
    • It was 61% in 1987 and it isn’t a cyclical occurrence

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