Up In the Air: A Self Reflective Movie

Today I saw the movie Up In the Air, a George Clooney starring film. It’s a good story and worth my $17. I was interested because of the reviews, but after I read up on it I found out that the same person did Thank You for Smoking and Juno. Thank You for Smoking is a favorite of mine.

The story follows Ryan Bingham who has a career of laying people off. The company he works for is Career Transition Corporation, a politically correct name for an activity of firing people. But it’s a reality and that is what is so gripping about the movie: the layoffs are heart felt. “You’ve been let go” is a phrase uttered by Mr. Bingham to many throughout the movie and the reactions are as pure as they can be.

Handling these situations takes a delicate touch and George Clooney, as Ryan Bingham, portrays a true professional. Throughout the movie are many insights to consider when relaying the news.

Throughout this blog I often talk about being prepared for the next opportunity. Someone like Ryan Bingham is the reason.

“Make no mistake. Moving is living.”


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