Data and Creative Story Telling

I’m somewhat of a dork when it comes to numbers and stats. I’m good at math, but that isn’t what I mean. I just like how data can be used to tell a story.

I stumbled upon a poster series that’s available through Flowing Prints that shows how America learns. There are three available.

What I really enjoy about these illustrations is the creativity it took to show the data in captivating ways. I imagine these guys are going to expand their talents to other topics. Here’s how the guys explain themselves:

Spread Awareness. Support Data.

Each series we choose an open data source,analyze and visualize it, and design three original prints that each provides a unique view into the data. Each print tells you a story.

This series is on education. Buy the series for yourself, or send it to an education department near you.

Who We Are

Nathan Yau shares his thoughts on data, statistics, and design at FlowingData. He is a statistics graduate student, with a focus on data visualization, at UCLA.

Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr. is a designer and illustrator working out of Brooklyn, NY. Some of his recent clients are The New York Times, Time Inc., Fast Company Magazine, and Good Magazine.

Atley G. Kasky lives in Los Angeles and works as a graphic designer at GOOD; he also co-curates But Does it Float. He likes letters and the equally vital spaces between them.

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