iMinds For My Walk To Work

I’m an iPod shuffle guy. I load up music and sometimes books to listen to, especially for my walk from where I park to my office. Amazon is great for material, but I just found another option that I’m pretty excited about. It’s called iMinds. This site offers mostly 8 minute explanatory audio files. I’m particularly interested in the Stockholm Syndrome and The Dropa Stones.

In a world of flu shots at the airport, twitter, and lottery tickets it makes perfect sense for an option to come along like this. Here’s what their website says:

What We Do

Ever been sitting at a dinner party while everyone discusses
Film Noir and not being quite sure enough to join the conversation?
Ever read about Ponzi schemes and not known exactly what they were
talking about? Seen something on the news and thought you needed more
detail but didn’t have the time to sort through the white noise of

iMinds was born of these moments…. 8 minute knowledge grabs which
whet your appetite and broaden your mind. Across 12 main categories,
learn about Politics, Science, The Arts and History.. find yourself
listening to the tale of Confucius, the facts of Stockholm Syndrome or
the Battle of Waterloo, all backed with music that entertains and holds
your attention. Clean and concise, crisp and engaging.. discover what
you never knew you were missing.

Load onto your iPod, mix with your music tracks and learn a little
bit more every day while you commute, exercise, shop or cook.. spend
your time more wisely.

Have you heard? iMINDS.. knowledge for inquisitive minds.


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