Projected Compensation Stats, Large Companies are Employing a higher percentage, and What’s Next

Some stats I’ve encountered recently:

Via Yahoo and Watson Wyatt:

  • Anyone that got a 2% should actually see an improvement in buying power because of deflation. So a 2% raise is relative to a 3.5-4% raise. Not earth shattering, but not terrible
  • Companies are planning median merit increases of 3% for 2010
    • below the 3.5% raise workers received in both 2008 and 2007
  • A separate Watson Wyatt survey showed that only 10% of 900 companies polled are planning no pay raises for workers in 2010, compared with 25% this year
  • The survey showed that 2009 annual incentive awards are expected to be funded at 75%. That’s down from 82% in 2008 and 99% in 2007

Via NY Times and Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration:

  • From 1988 to 2006, the percentage of the private sector labor force working in large businesses (500 or more employees) increased to 49.8 percent from 45.5 percent

Via HBR and Melissa Raffoni:
Several CEOs told Raffoni these are their upcoming priorities (notice nothing about costs cutting):

  • Strategy to invest in web 2.0/social marketing to capture consumer market share
  • Sales channel strategy to ramp sales of new products while driving down long-term costs
  • New service positioning pitch to capture an emerging market in the telecom space
  • Opportunity analysis–which projects to accelerate, which to cut?
  • New “Software as a Service” product roadmap
  • Investments in Marketing–where to experiment, how to allocate funds?
  • Taking advantage of a “fire sale” acquisition and plan to leverage it
  • Financing strategy–which term sheet, if any, to take?


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