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I regularly write about how one of my favorite charities is The different programs they do to get people excited about giving is what draws me in. Well that and how $50 gets a teacher real close to creating a memorable learning experience for the kids.

I didn’t realize this was an option, but a video of Stephen Colbert mad me aware that you can donate your birthday. Here is an excerpt explaining it:

Great Give-Back Birthday

You are cordially invited to The Great Give-Back Birthday
— our online donation celebration! The party will go year-round, and
we welcome birthday celebrants of all ages. It’s easy to join, here’s
how it works: 1) You donate your birthday to, 2) You
create a personalized Giving Page with classroom projects you care
about, and 3) You share your Giving Page with friends and family. Your
“party guests” can donate to the classroom projects you’ve selected.

Here is the video:


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