New Offering from Career Builder and The Work Buzz

I haven’t done so recently, but in the past I’ve checked out resume writing books. I never quite found them useful. I’m not sure if I consider my work experiences completely unique or what, but I didn’t find a template that fit me. I consider it a waste of money.

However, I like to keep an open mind and I checked out a new offering from the people over to Career Builder. I’ve highlighted their writings in the past and like their straight forward style. They have a new book out called Career Building: Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making It Work. Now for full disclosure, I haven’t read the book, I checked out the snippets online through their search inside the book feature. But what I saw was encouraging. The authors put many different situations into their offerings. And it isn’t just about finding a job. It runs the gamut of your 1st day, to email mishaps, to performance reviews, to changing careers.

I’m going to pick up the book and offer some feedback at some point. Good resources for work and jobs are so valuable right now.

Working Thoughts 4/5/08
Philosophy Education Beneficial in Today’s Fast Pace World


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