Down Economies Don’t Automatically Mean an Increase in Entrepreneurship

There were several positive economic indicators over the last few days, ranging from factory orders being up to spending being up. This has many media members calling for the bottom of the recession. I even saw one guy say it was March 9th. He was that specific. Anyway, to toot my own horn, I wrote an entry on February 25th, 2009 called The Economy is on the Mend.

Today’s post is about something I pulled from the NY Times the other day. The idea that entrepreneurship rises in recessions is a common thought. But according to their blog entry titled Recessions and the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ it isn’t a direct correlation. Here are a couple of charts I pulled:

Data source: Robert W. Fairlie

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey (3-month moving average)
caveat, for those interested in the data: Unlike Professor Fairlie’s
numbers — which covered only people who worked at least 15 hours a week
in their “self-employed” job — these data could include people who may
just spend a few hours on the weekend selling tchotchkes at a flea

Working Thoughts 4/02/08
Life Avalanche For Lisa

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