It is Good to Keep Perspective

We live in a 24 hour news cycle. It is almost absurd to think the newspaper could exist, I mean, news provided one time a day, c’mon? But a byproduct of 24 hour news is a distorted view of time. Time frames get compacted unrealistically. To keep from getting frenzied, I listen to a song by the Cloud Cult called 6 Days. Here are the lyrics:

the 6 days of the book of Genesis,
to the 4 billion years of geologic time
on this scale, 1 day equals about 666 billion years

all day Monday, until Tuesday noon
creation was busy getting the earth going
life began on Tuesday noon
and the beautiful organic wholeness of it
developed over the next 4 days.

at 4 P.M. Saturday, the big reptiles came
5 hours later, when the redwoods appeared
there were no longer big reptiles

at 3 minutes before midnight, man appeared
one-fourth of a second before midnight, Christ revolted
one-fortieth of a second before midnight, the industrial revolution began

we are surrounded by people who think
that what we have been doing for
one-fortieth of a second can go on indefinitely
they are considered normal,
but they are stark, raving, mad.


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