An Interview with book author Robin Fisher Roffer

Recently I ran a review of the Book The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How to Succeed When You’re the Only One Like You by Robin Fisher Roffer. I was hoping to do a quick email interview with her and she accepted. Here’s how it went:

you for taking the time to do this interview with Working Thoughts. My
readers benefit from hearing different perspectives. So lets get into
the questions.

Q1) Now that your book is released, what is next for you?

Right now I’m running all over the country giving keynote speeches and workshops around my new book. While I’m in each city, I’m sitting down for media interviews. It’s very exciting!  At the same time, I’m working with my clients to reinvent their brands so they can become more relevant. Despite this challenging economy, Big Fish is thriving!

Q2) Who influences you and where do you find inspiration?

My 9-year-old Roxy who fearlessly goes to school each day knowing who she is. She is a mirror to the best parts of myself. Also, my father who raised my sister and me by himself while running a small ad agency as well as people who use their influence for the greater good like Bill Gates, Bono and Oprah and those who have made a real difference like our new president,  Steve Jobs and Ellen DeGenerous… none of whom conformed to any norm. I’m also influenced by the wild, natural beauty of Santa Fe and its deep history.

Q3) How does someone become a Fearless Fish? Were they born like this? Influenced by their parents? Or what? 

Parents can be instrumental in helping their children to be fearless, especially right now as they are facing major challenges. Being a good role model is essential. My dad (who lived through The Depression) taught me two major lessons to help me be fearless: 1) discipline is the key to happiness and 2) believe in yourself and you can do anything. You also become a Fearless Fish by seeing the possibilities, rather than the obstacles in any situation. It’s about changing your lens.

Q4) I think there are several attributes to be a Fearless Fish. Here is my list: confident, motivated, high tolerance for criticism, contrarian to a fault, bigger than the town (metaphor), and solve problems differently than their peers. How accurate is my list? 

I like your list! However, Fearless Fish are positively different and can be a part of a culture without drowning in it. So, they can be contrarians, but not to a fault.

Q5) Do you think Fearless Fish are more likely to be entrepreneurs? 

Yes, eventually they have to go their own way to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Q6) Do Fearless Fish struggle in prolonged group dynamics? 

Fish out of water can struggle in groups, because they only focus on how they don’t fit in. Fearless Fish see the connections and learn how to share their opinions without alienating everyone. They do the 180º turn and stand in the shoes of the people they are trying to influence and answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Q7) Do Fearless Fish have some sort of grand plan that they strive for, whereas others might not have an idea of what they want for themselves? 

Yes, my intention in writing the book is to give people who feel like they’re fish out of water a permission slip to celebrate what’s different about them and turn their uniqueness into an advantage without selling out. Through the exercises at the end of every chapter, readers arrive at a “grand plan” that is aligned with their purpose or what I call “career destiny.” 


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