Young Professionals have Creativity, They Need a Vision to Apply it to

I like to orient this blog around four themes I see as the future of the US. Two of the themes are specific and two are general. They are:

  • Energy
  • Health Care
  • Information
  • People

The President has taken up the first two and I’m very pleased. I started writing about them 18 months ago, so I like to think he reads my blog :D. About a year ago I added Information and People to my docket. Information is both technical and conceptual in its premise. The People theme involves subjects like education, intelligence, culture, and relationships. The massiveness of the unemployment situation is definitely changing our view of each of these.

Bob Herbert published an Op-Ed piece today called Even Worse for Young Worker. The focus is how the eventual losers in this economic situation are the young professionals. The piece highlights how many people are taking jobs that they are probably overqualified for and how that then pushes someone else who would ordinarily fill that role to do the same or simply join the ranks of unemployed. To make matters worse for young professionals is their debt level relative to income. Having college loans, car loans, and housing payments (rent or a mortgage) completely eats into any income they make. The Economix blog on has an entry called Young and in Debt that illustrates the situation. It seems like a good strategy for this group is to live with their parents and save some money.

I often mention how I’m an optimist about the chances the US gets out of this calamity just fine. I say that because young people aren’t slowing down and shaking in their boots. Since they haven’t translated any of their ideas and work into money yet they don’t have anything to lose. And something I’ve noticed is the pace of news has accelerated so much making reaction times hyperfast. Our youth can keep up, actually, I imagine it more like the Matrix where they don’t have to go at that speed, they can start and stop it as needed. So I’m an optimist about their abilities. But there is a problem. The educational system doesn’t mesh well with this culture. It hasn’t for 20 years. Now that young professionals are entering the workforce, their skillset is neither a match nor a complete divergence either. They’ve been trained for jobs that now go to India. And yet a young professional won’t complain because those jobs are the routine type anyway. Young professionals still have creativity in their back pocket. It is just waiting for a vision to apply it to.

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