The Appearance of Knowing

Time writer Jeffrey Kluger wrote a fun piece the other day called Competence: Is Your Boss Faking It? The premise of the article is how leaders, and perhaps your boss, sometimes present a position of dominance in a subject that they really don’t have an advantage. Research showed that in a group dynamic, the person who acted most knowledgeable about the subject is the one who the others aligned with. So what behavior was displayed that attributed to this dominance? It was unfailing input.

Those that wanted to be in a leadership position never wavered with their answers. They offered them and continued to do so. Being right is practically secondary to charisma and confidence.

I agree and think it should be this way. Why? Because many decisions are not right or wrong choices. We live in a world of shades of grey and it takes a lot of fortitude to make trade offs and not apologize for doing so. Laboring over it only stirs emotion. Delaying the decision also prevents everyone from moving on and starting the healing process.

This isn’t a carte blanche free pass to those who always have an opinion. I just want everyone to investigate the authority.


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