Education and Art: A History of the Internet

In an entry of mine called During Down Economic Times a Couple of Avenues Grow in Value: Education and Art I mostly talk about how someone can self publish a book. I figured a book was a good combination of both education and art. But the essence of the entry is about creating something of value. It can, and probably should be, something small, almost like a hobby. It will consume time and develop new pathways in the brain for creativity and ideas.

A friend of mine over at A Cultivated Mindset pointed me to another great example of someone creating something educational and visually appealing is The History of the Internet. It was created by Director & AnimatorMelih Bilgil Voice over Steve Taylor  MusicTelekaster Translation – Karla Vesenmayer Scientific Management – Prof. Philipp Pape.
History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.


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