Is Being an Entrepreneur Right For You?

Many people have lost their job over the last year. And no one is hiring. Self reflection and self reliance are critical. Two years from now we will be reading several stories about so and so who had lost their job and decided to make their own way with a business of their own. The stories are almost always success stories. But not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship. You must be passionate and don’t mind the details. put together a quiz you should ask yourself before starting a business of your own. It is called The Would Be Entrepreneur’s Handbook. Here are some vital questions to ask yourself right off the bat (if you have a “No” answer then you should reevaluate doing this):

About benleeson
My name is Ben Leeson. I currently work for a large financial company in IT. I went to school at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration concentrating in HR. Professor William Brown taught me and I enjoyed his classes; even acquiring an appreciation for just about all things HR. I didn’t pursue a job in that field after college but I’ve kept up with it. This blog will further my fascination with all things HR. I hope to grow my knowledge of the area through thoughtful writings and spirited feedback. I will attempt to have a fairly routine style so anyone reading can come to expect certain segments. Please excuse my incorrect grammar and occasional misspelling.

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