Experts, Mentoring, and Job Blogs

There are three sites I ran across lately that I thought were of value to the diverse readers of mine.


The idea is to create an online community that isn’t watered down – this is a website that is by invitation only. There is a little request to be invited tab at the bottom. So if you are an expert in your field, it is worth checking out.

Gotta Mentor

This site tries to get away from the artificial mentoring that other sites claim to provide. Nadira Hira wrote about it:

“The answer is simple,” he says. “Most people already do mentor. We
believe that people want to give guidance and support to others. They
just don’t want to give it to everyone. They want to invest their time
in people they have an affinity with.” So in addition to facilitating
mentoring relationships for people who already know each other, Gotta
Mentor’s MentorMatch makes it easy to find a match based on what you
already share—whether it’s family, college, a sorority, a sport,
ethnicity, gender, employer, or all of the above.

The Work Buzz

This site is associated with Several writers that I enjoy post to it. It is a good resource for anyone wanting to get a gauge of what is happening in the job environment. Most the stories are quick reads and witty.


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