Using the term “Talent”

I’m sure everyone has been in this situation before. The situation where everyone in the room is using some term and you have an idea what it means but everyone in the room is saying it with a sense of emphasis that it makes you doubt your own understanding what they are talking about.

That is the case for last couple of years for the term “Talent.”

There are still people I consider “Talent” in many corporations but it seems like the term is getting watered down. Now it is anyone that can do the job capably. And without these types the company would not sustain. But I want “Talent” to mean game changers. The type of people who can do something no one else can do. Someone who not only has a vision for the future, but the guts to get make it happen.

Most often these are your entrepreneurs and they aren’t usually in the “Talent” pool, but occasionally they are.Technology businesses tend to exaggerate the number of these workers they have, but they do have them – Google and Cisco are two examples. They have a brand and culture that attracts them.

“Talent” in a positive job market pretty much refers to everyone, but “Talent” in a poor market is something more rare.


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