Strange Decision by the NY Times

I just caught up on some reading that I’ve neglected. One writer I like is Marci Alboher. She authors a blog for the NY Times called Shifting Careers. Since my blog is about work, I tend to check out other blogs that are similar in nature. So it surprised me when I caught up with my reading to see that her blog is being discontinued. I know the newspaper industry isn’t doing well, but this is an online blog about something that is very prevalent right now – employment.

I’m astonished at this decision by the NY Times. Perhaps the plan is to diversify this topic a little for the paper. That is probably a better strategy overall. But I’m not confident in that assumption.

Here is an excerpt from Alboher’s last post. It is dead on:

Not surprisingly,
a remarkable number of people reminded me that career growth generally
happens out of disappointments like this. 


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