What States are Preparing for the Next Economy?

Time seems to slow down during sour economies. Just the last few months feel like a year. But in less than 3 years we will look back on this time as a learning experience or perhaps a behavior change. And certain factors will determine what skills and geographical areas are most valued.

A group called Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), has named Massachusetts as the state most likely to come out of the situation as a leader in the next economy. What is the next economy? It includes start-up activity, education, venture capital investment, IPOs, patents and alternative-energy. These items were then grouped into knowledge jobs, globalization, transformation into a digital economy, technological innovation capacity and economic dynamism.

The factors used look pretty good to me. And at least its a start. So Massachusetts was number 1. Rest of the top 10 are: Washington, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, California, New York and Colorado. The bottom looked like:Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Wyoming, Kentucky, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Iowa and Louisiana.


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