AIG – Performance – Luck – Happenstance – Coincidence

The internet and Congress is abuzz right now because AIG, the company that received $85 Billion dollars to pay off its errors, decided to take several independent performers out for a lavish retreat. The retreat cost $440,000. It included the costs like hotel rooms, massages, tips, and room service.

What I don’t understand is the reaction. It seems pretty well documented that the people running companies like AIG are not good decision makers. Which makes me wonder how they got to that level of authority to begin with? Are the people that hired them even worse decision makers? It is easy to ask these questions in hindsight, so I will change my tune to giving the benefit of the doubt. I want to believe that these leaders did several things in their careers that were very good in terms of performance. And if I assume that, then I can assume that luck, happenstance, and coincidence escalated them to the position of authority they achieved.

So as you go through your annual review, keep in mind that your performance isn’t necessarily the only thing that factors into what happens next in your career.

Well, unless you work for yourself or need to borrow another $37.8 Billion.


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