New Freelancer Site I’m Trying Out

I currently have a little side project just getting underway. I don’t really have the time, nor the expertise, to do much of the programming leg work myself so I went looking for talent pools. I stumbled across Lime Exchange. It is a web resource available to freelancers and those looking to employ them. I just recently posted my project but I will let you know how it turns out. But this plays into the what many have predicted – a Free Agent Nation (Dan Pink). For more information visit the following sites: – the home page – the Lime Exchange blog – a news article describing Lime Exchange – a summary article describing Lime Exchange

About benleeson
My name is Ben Leeson. I currently work for a large financial company in IT. I went to school at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration concentrating in HR. Professor William Brown taught me and I enjoyed his classes; even acquiring an appreciation for just about all things HR. I didn’t pursue a job in that field after college but I’ve kept up with it. This blog will further my fascination with all things HR. I hope to grow my knowledge of the area through thoughtful writings and spirited feedback. I will attempt to have a fairly routine style so anyone reading can come to expect certain segments. Please excuse my incorrect grammar and occasional misspelling.

3 Responses to New Freelancer Site I’m Trying Out

  1. Neeraj Singhal says:

    Hi, I feel this website is doing wonderfully well. It is very user friendly and interactive. Neeraj

  2. john says:

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  3. Max says:

    I think LimeExchange is a wonderful platform to post your requirements as the quality of service providers at LimeExchange is much better as compared to other freelancing websites..I have been using other freelancing websites however i feel much comfortable using LimeExchange because of the comfort level that I get on this website.. Thanks

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