Will Heating Bills Kill the US Economic Rally?

Here are some tidbits and stats I pulled from another article from Ben Rooney called Winter heat crisis looms, little relief seen. This is some scary information for the economy…

  • The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally
    funded program that gives money to states to help low-income
    households, the elderly and the disabled cope with the financial strain
    of high heating bills.
    • This year, however, the program could be squeezed by a projected 20%
      average increase in heating bills nationwide
      and an influx of people
      applying for assistance due to sour economic conditions, high gas
      prices and a weak labor market.
    • “Anything over $2.50 a gallon for low-income family is a budget
      buster,” said Richard Moffi, who manages Vermont’s LIHEAP program.
    • Heating oil prices are expected to reach $4.34 a gallon nationwide this
      winter, according to estimates from the Energy Information
  • … many low-income families are still behind on payments for last year’s heating bills.
  • The National Energy Assistance Director’s Association (NEADA) recently
    reported that more than 15 million households are currently facing
    utility shutoffs
    because they can not pay their energy bill.
  • Mark Wolfe, executive director of the NEADA, said that low-income
    energy assistance programs usually focus on families that make roughly
    $31,000 a year
    . Now, more middle-class families, including those that
    earn up to $50,000 a year, could be in need of assistance, he added.
  • A recent survey by the NEADA showed that 70% of low-income households
    said they reduced spending
    on food as a result of high energy and gas
    • That was followed by 31% that said they have cut back on purchases of medicine
    • 19% that curtailed spending on education.
  • LIHEAP’s budget for fiscal year 2008, which ends in September, was
    almost $2.57 billion in federal dollars
    . For fiscal year 2009,
    President Bush has issued a budget request of $2 billion for the
    , which is a decrease of 22%.
  • The question is: Will Washington act in time to make a meaningful difference? “The government is better when disaster strikes,” Wolfe said. “It’s not as good when we say the disaster is coming.”

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2 Responses to Will Heating Bills Kill the US Economic Rally?

  1. John says:

    If heating bills don’t kill the economy, I do not know what will. For those who need help, I found this site which gave some ways and programs that help save bills, both from the gov’t and utility companies themselves. http://www.utilitybillassistance.com

  2. Ben Leeson says:

    Hi John – Thanks for posting this note. I hope you find the content of this blog useful. Have a good one.Ben

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