Don’t Sell a Product, Sell an Association

On July 13th Charles Duhigg wrote a piece for the NY Times called Warning: Habits May Be Good for You. The title is playing off of the negative connotation associate with that term – “Habit.” However, as the article says, about 45% of the average day is conducted by habit. It isn’t just smoking, but rather where you left the keys and what you eat.

As the article goes on to illustrate, the manipulative power of Corporate America isn’t just about selling specific products. It is about selling memory associations and feelings. After that is established the actual product just rides the coat tails. But the genius is how the behavior continues beyond the product i.e Febreze.

So I’m advising any new entrepreneur to consider the power of habit formation and somehow align to that for your product or service. Once it starts its hard to stop.


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