June 2008 Inflation Numbers

Here are some stats for the June 2008 inflation numbers:

Consumer Price Index:

  • up 1.1% in June ’08
  • up 0.6% in May ’08
  • predictions were for a 0.7% increase

Over the last year the Price Index is up 5.0%

  • this level isn’t seen since 1993

Core CPI (doesn’t include energy and food price increases):

  • rose 0.3%
  • predictions were for a rise of 0.2%
  • the 12 month rise is 2.4%

Specific areas of inflation:

  • Energy – 6.6% (including the 10.1% for gasoline)
  • Fruits and Vegetables – 2.8%
  • Dairy – 1.6%
  • Grocery overall – 6.1% for the month and 10.4% year over year

Hourly wage is up 3.4% year over year. So Americans are seeing their buying power diminish.

The cost of gasoline has an immersion effect on the price of everything else because very little is solely produced locally.
Hourly wage is up 3.4% year over year. So Americans are seeing their buying power diminish.
The rebound from the recession in the early 2000s was considered a wageless recovery because much of the benefits of the rebound was poored into dividends or executive pay. This potentially fueled the housing bubble.

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