The Middle Class of Emerging Markets (stats)

Some stats from an article today by Barney Gimbel called The New New World Order.

The 54 developing markets surveyed by Global Insight will post a 6.7% jump in real GDP this year

  • down from 7.5% last year
  • The 31 developed countries will grow an estimated 1.6%

The middle class in China is expected to multiply sevenfold by 2020

  • to 700 million people

The middle class of India is expected to multiply by tenfold

  • to 583 million people

New homes require building materials

Since 2000 the prices of steel, oil, and copper quadrupled

Wal-Mart’s (WMT, Fortune 500) international sales grew 17.5% this year

  • triple the US
  • now constitute 24% of the company’s total revenue, up from 8.9% a decade ago


India inflation rose to above 8% in May

  • below 4% last August

Chinese inflation was 7.7% in May

  • up from 1% in early 2006

Ukraine and Venezuela see inflation at 30%
Vietnam is experiencing 25% inflation


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