Baby Boomer Microbusinesses?

Brent Bowers, a former NY Times editor, wrote a piece for the NY Times on July 3rd called Early Retirees in New Ventures, Mostly for Fun that got me thinking about three year horizons.

If you are a baby boomer you are facing a changing world – politics are embracing a new era, the economy is US dominated but very much global,  and your family is grown up. But this isn’t a generation of people that just sit down. These are adventurers. These are intellectuals. These are artists. So, as documented by Mr. Bowers, I expect more and more people who qualify for senior tickets at the movies to start freelance companies. I wouldn’t be surprised if most are creative or artistic. Maybe some are connected to charities and maybe others are hair brained what ifs. What is important to consider is the mass rush of excitement. Excitement for new cameras, new software, new trips, and new relationships. These ventures are no risk wins for the US. Some will make it and others will not. Those that fail will have been short lived hobbies and those that succeed are cherries on top of a legacy already built.

If I’m a politician looking for means out of the economic slump, I would look to these people.


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