Energy Legislation Delay

I’ve mentioned in other posts my opinion regarding the energy situation. I believe there is no silver bullet and many culminating arrangements will need to transpire to make real change occur.

One of the main cogs in the process is small business. The United States Congress should enact some sort of tax incentive that will motivate the capital risk associated with bringing favorable solutions to market.

One parallel to this is the legislation that resulted in the 401k. The United States Congress recognized a need to improve retirement accounts for the coming baby boom generation. So Congress addressed the Internal Revenue Code and made a section called 401k.  It was 1978. Two years later it went into effect and three years after that it was widely offered in many corporations. So it was five years before it went mainstream. Five years is probably the long end of similar legislation if it were offered today, but regarding energy.

But lets assume that it would take a small business at least three years to get something of significance out to the market. That makes me alarmed. I’m alarmed because I know of no new legislation. If it were to happen, then it is another three years after that. What this means is that places not in the United States are potentially the next leaders in energy innovation. Missing out on that leadership will further hurt the US as a super power.


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