Ei – Earth innovation

Yesterday I wrote about an accumulating big leap for innovation in the energy and green subject areas. Strangely, this is one of those occurrences that people pick up way before the media does. Just for the sake of taking a stab at it, I predict the momentum will begin in December of this year (2008). Why do I say that? For two reasons. First, oil prices will have spiked prior to the US summer, then recede slightly. This will prompt people to take a hard look at their habits and smart entrepreneurs will be there to offer advice. Second, the recessionary feel will have eased. The US will still not be growing at a fast clip, but the trouble times are past and early fall will be a time of economic renewal.

A result of this December rejuvenation is a new identity of the US. Currently the US clings to the label of financial expertise. Technology dominance is still prevalent, but it has taken a hit. Education is no where to be seen. And health care is both impressive and awful.

The new identity is Ei – Earth Innovation.

What is Earth Innovation? It is a means of melding a particular human need with the general rhythm of the planet.


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