Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Earth Day, according to wikipedia has been celebrated on this day in the United States since 1970 and unofficially marks the beginning of environmental protest and attention. As energy prices rise, more and more attention is paid to reusable resources. Whether is it “going green” or simply using a mug instead of styrofoam.

I’ve noted before that as we sit here languishing in recessionary conditions what I think will pull us out is a big leap in energy innovation. But the leap isn’t centralized. What I mean by that is it isn’t something you can easily identify like the internet as the driver. The leap will come from all these little green associated efforts. When the US consumer has an option to do the right thing and do it economically, they do (Amazon is offering deals today). Some examples are more subtle than others, like checking out the newer compact fluorescent light bulbs the next time a bulb is blown and some examples are very apparent, like the increased sales of Hybrid vehicles. As each of these occurrences happens the leap gets higher and higher because of the economies of scale.

So enjoy the weather, thank Mother Nature, and participate in the little earthy efforts that don’t take much to do.

  • Use a mug and not a new cup for your coffee
  • Need new batteries, get rechargeables
  • Recycle and buy recycled
  • Start a small garden
  • Plant a tree
  • etc


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