Freelance Success in Tech

I have a  technical background so I like to see how that intersects with HR. One area I checkout routinely is Web Worker Daily. I think their writers form concise entries and some of it is worthwhile to me and some of it I just blow through.

Anyway, Celine Roque (cool name) posted an entry called Plotting Your Career When You’ve Jumped Off the Corporate Ladder on Friday (April 4th, 2008). What I found interesting about it is that it addressed something that is often overlooked, or at least not compared – the corporate ladder and freelance work. Success in the former is much easier to define and recognize, but since many technology professionals aren’t purposely going up the ladder then the measure of success is more liquid. Here is a brief recap of what Celine Roque posts:

What, exactly, does a freelancer’s career ladder look like and which way is up?


  • Write down your definition of success in your field
  • Think about the kind of work you want to do
  • Narrow down your definition of work to the tasks that you enjoy doing


  • It also helps to look at successful people in your field, especially if you see them as your personal mentor


  • Are you getting any public attention for your work?
  • Are your clients satisfied?
  • Looking at your list of goals, ask yourself: did I attain them?
  • Where do you want to go now?

Step up

  • Learn something new
  • Farm out the non-essential tasks and focus on the work you want to do
  • Raise your rates
  • Reward yourself

There are several comments worth reading as well.


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