Some Recent GDP Stats

0.6% Estimated annualized 2007 4th Quarter (revised to a contraction of 0.2%)
0.6% Commerce Department reported annualized 2007 4th Quarter

Builder spending in the 4th Quarter of 2007 shrank by 25.2% – largest cut in 26 years

Consumer spending increased at a rate of 2.3% – a healthy number is 2.8% but still better than analysts who guessed 1.9%

Business buying of equipment and software resources increased at a rate of 3.1% for the 4th Quarter of 2008. The 3rd Quarter saw businesses add resources at a rate of 6.2%

Core inflation was 2.5%, slightly better than the analysts expected (2.7%)

Foreign trade has had a positive economic contribution over the last quarter. Exports rose at a rate of 6.5%, up from 4.8%


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