Ken Chenault 2007 versus 2006 Compensation

The is a follow up article on regarding Ken Chenault and America Express. The article is called American Express CEO Gets Big Pay Boost.

Here is a link to my prior post:

AmEx Pays Ken Chenault After They Pay Their Shareholders

I pulled some stats from the CNNMoney article:

Compensated $53.2 million in 2007
Compensated $27.3 million in 2006

Of the 2007 $53.2 million, $42.8 million was rewarded as stock awards for performance in 2007 and a special incentive stock option grant, so this still must be realized against the stipulations.

This is in comparison to 2006 when Chenault’s performance netted stock awards valued at $16.9 million

(more numbers are in the article)


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