A Green Revolution?

I’ve stated in other posts that I think the next great area for productivity increase and innovation is in the field of green energy. That means conservation as well as renewables.

It surprises me that I don’t hear more about the people on the world’s wealthiest list talking about it. There are venture capital firms hooked in and the wealthy are part of those, but I really think someone with brand experience would really be able get some true progress.

Maybe the US, or the world. isn’t ready to hear the message yet? Maybe the citizens are too caught up with the environmental side of it. The side that is confused about what global warming is. The name is too logical, but not completely true. It should be global weather extreming or something like that. The warming really leads to cooling, but we’ll discuss that some other time.

Where the US population needs to get is the financial side of this situation. There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of money to be made in green solutions. So far no one wealthy enough wants to tackle the economies of scale while other energy sources are still viable. But that is an old way to think about economies of scale. With the right brand, a green solution will take off in utilization even if it isn’t the “best” solution. Lets apply the 80/20 rule to it. Adoption is more important than complete efficiency.

If someone can be the face of green solutions (I don’t mean Al Gore either) and bring together some sort of consortium then that person will get very rich. Well, he or she is probably already rich… because they get it.


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