Global Business Section in Time added a new section to their homepage. It is called Global Business. I’m glad to see this because it is finally getting into mainstream media that the global economy is a real force. I’m also surprised to see that their section titled Business and Tech remains.

Here is a quick review of the Global Business site on
I really like the navigator map that lets you select a country and pin down the news you want to see. It lists out the top news stories in a light blue format. The main page doesn’t use much color. There is a weather section that also has market information and a currency converter tool. The page overall doesn’t have much advertising and is somewhat stout in the initial news offerings. But that is made up by the navigator which allows you to see much more specific news stories. Overall, I like the site and the strategy by to dedicate a space to it.

I will most likely use them for future posts.

Also, this highlights some of the posts I already have written such as:

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