Cloud Computing and IBM

I wrote a post earlier in the month about Cloud Computing. I
wrote it primarily because of my excitement as an end user, but now seeing an
announcement from IBM, I’m excited as someone in the IT field. IBM tends to
shift viewpoints. It happened with Linux and made Open Source much more
acceptable as a corporate strategy.

IBM has launched something called Blue Cloud. The idea is
that they will harness their data centers, which have many standard servers in
them, to offer various types of programs on them. Users will most likely have
an account where their profile is known with all the programs they use. These
programs free the end user from maintenance and upgrading. Most people are
familiar with computer viruses. This system diminishes that threat tremendously
because the virus would only have one program to attack. And it is maintained
by IBM.

My prediction is that this shift brings basic computing to
another level of affordability. And it also expands the usefulness of the
computing to individuals as well as corporations, organizations, or government.
As more and more people get access to computers and learn how to interact with
the tools, more and more people add value back to it.


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