Other Work Related Blogs (again)

I thought I would bump this up because I added a new work related blog.

Since I’m very new at writing this blog, I like to look for other
people that are writing this space. I’m primarily looking for bloggers.
I found two that I will link to on an ongoing basis.

A = The Gig

Summary This blog is for Generation Y as they experience the work world.
Nadira Hira is covering a group that is mostly ignored in the other
blogs I read regarding work – Generation Y. Which is somewhat ironic
because blogs are a tool of Generation Y. What I really like about her
is that she encapsulates Generation Y. She is young and going after it.
Her writing is unintimidated, relevant, and opinionated. It is a blog I will read frequently.
Recent Posts –

B = The Bing Blog

Stanley Bing is a Fortune
columnist and best-selling author of business books noted for their
wisdom as well as their sharp, slightly acrid sense of humor. He is
also the only writer on business and the workplace who still puts on a
suit and tie and goes to do battle with the dragons that breathe fire
at corporate America every day. This blog captures what remains of his
brain after it has exploded in all other directions.
– The writing style is straight to the point, pull no punches good. It
seems geared toward a male reader, but maybe that is just me. The
website is set up with a lot of information available but not in a
boring way. The tags are great too. There aren’t many adverts either. I
highly recommend this site.
Recent Posts –

A Tale of Two Hotels
What’s your killer quotient? (A vicious little quiz)
It’s Ask Bing time again!
Are you good at giving presentations? A little quiz.
New scientific BS about IQ
The best computer games to play at the office
Doing things we should’t in the office
My six-month eBay chip
Hail to the Chief!
The Pretender

C =  Work in Progress

Summary Lisa Takeuchi Cullen is a New York-based staff writer at Time. She
writes about workplace, business and society trends for the magazine
and Time.com. Of late these trends included snooping bosses, teen interns and cubicles of the future.
– Her writing style is similar to mine. We both want to comment on
books, recent news, and our analysis of both. She uses stats to
reinforce one way or another. She provides some advice, but doesn’t
come off as the know it all. I recommend her site (after reading mine)
for general macro level HR issues. The website does have probably one
or two too many adverts and probably should subscribe to the less is
more theory. I do like all the other blogs though.
Recent Posts –

Unbelievable NYT correction
End of Food Week: a Rice-Off!
Eww! Your desk is grosser than the loo
My job is endangered. Is yours?
Trees could do the work of dead-tree journos

D = Train Wreck

Summary Steve Tobak is a marketing consultant and former chip industry
executive. Over more than two decades of management and
behind-the-scenes interaction with high-tech’s elite and their
legendary egos, he has seen a pattern of dysfunctional behavior emerge.
Train Wreck provides irreverent insight into the real inner-workings of
technology companies and their management. When he’s not airing the
industry’s dirty laundry, Steve likes to hang around the house, make
believe he’s working, and drive his wife crazy.
– His writing is more like Stanley Bings, but not as in your face. It
appears to be a little generic in topics (qualities of potential
executives and ethics), but it does a good job of going over the topic.
Its a little on the technology side, but not much.
Recent Posts –


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