September Job Report Statistics

Overall Job Report Statistics

I pulled some September stats out of an article on CNNMoney called Job Loss Erased, But Danger Lurks by Chris Isidore

  • US Payrolls posted a net gain of 110,000 workers in September of ’07
  • Labor Department now estimates that August had a gain of 89,000 jobs. Originally thought to have lost 4,000 compared to July
  • July was also revised higher by 25,000 jobs
  • Most of the revisions were from government staffing levels
    • Schools came back into session
  • Private sector still weak
    • Likely to weigh on economy
  • Unemployment rate rose to 4.7% in September from 4.6% in August
  • Six month moving average dropped below 100,000 to 94,000 gains in jobs  
    • This signifies a weak job economy

Job Losses in September

  • Manufacturing – 18,000
  • Auto Plants/ Auto Parts – 1,700
  • Construction – 14,000
  • Mortgage Lenders – 12,000
  • Real Estate – 2,000
  • Building Material/ Building Supply – 16,700
  • 5,000 overall drop in retail

Other items worth noting

  • Hourly wages rose 7 cents to $17.57
  • Wages are up 4.1% over last year

Revision: The job report was later revised to 93,000 jobs added in September. No further information was given about the sectors.


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