Return from Vacation

I just spent almost a week in Western NY visiting with the family. It was a very good time.

I attended the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys game. It was electric. Great time. I lost my voice.
The tailgating before the game was very interesting. The ordinarily empty parking lots come alive and evolve into some sort of agreed upon society. Their are rules that everyone knows but no one speaks them.
One group has an internet site (no idea if it is a myspace, facebook, blog, or what) where they direct each other to bring certain items. Because the system works so well, everyone that comes to their tailgating gets to eat for free. There is also a makeshift bar inside a truck. The drinks are free but no one takes advantage of that fact

It just goes to show you that when people are interested in something bigger than themselves, they find a way to achieve their desires. In this case, a fun tailgating experience.


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