Paul Krugman: The Conscience of a Liberal

I don’t normally read Paul Krugman in the the NY Times. I did see that he started a new blog though. I wasn’t interested in his columns because they tended to be a little too political for me. What I find odd about myself is that I love politics, but not political newspaper articles. I prefer it to be explained to me like a game. How one person managed their position on one issue but gave in on another for comprise. What I usually get is something much more short sighted and only topic related.

But Krugman did have an interesting chart in his blog about the birth of the middle class and the times before it and the era after it.

<img src="/images/85389-74649/19krugman2_5331.jpg” border=”0″ width=”533″>

I often harp on the difference between CEO pay or Fund Manager pay and the increases that the common worker gets in the US, especially when productivity is going through the roof. This illustration, along with Krugman, points to an eventual change. I aim to identify the causes of that change and the timing of it.


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