Charm in Business

This is a simple observation post.

I was watching a show called Nothing But Trailers on HDNet and it featured a movie with Jeff Goldblum called Fay Grim. The commentary talked about Jeff Goldblum as a dancer in the movie, but not in the literal sense. In the sense that his co-actors can play off him. This interaction is special in acting and it is in the business world as well.

There are people in the world that are just more charming than others. Maybe it is a born skill or maybe it is practiced. Either way, it is a fine line to balance. And those that do it well are rewarded one way or another for it.
What is most interesting about people with business charm is the ease. It is the naturalness of it that is so inviting. But to notice and be taken in by their charisma you have to be face to face. I guess this is what fuels the airlines – Charm.

I’ve attended several meetings with different people with business charm. What I find is that they move more often than everyone else. Not in a twitchy way, but like Jeff Goldblum, in a dance. The hands might be together during a point he is making or raised up to signify vulnerability. This makes the person much more accessible – much more like you and me. Other times, they don’t say much at all – just sitting there imparting confidence in what you are doing or saying. This is gratifying.

Another observation: there is usually one person during each meeting that exudes this charisma. That isn’t to say that there are others without it, but there is some sort of recognition of the dance and the others find their role in it. Good consulting teams do this effortlessly.


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