Risk Aversion

I’ve commented before about how I think the US isn’t taking many risks anymore. Ideas like going to the moon and building an interstate road system are no where near the horizon. I wonder if the collective attitude of the US has changed to the point where only focusing on the failure is the norm? And the repercussion is that only guaranteed successes are attempted.

I think a new skill that people should put on their resume is the “ability to tactically act quickly in the face of failure.” I say this because remorse is paralyzing people into not starting. But remorse is the byproduct of risk. If someone is comfortable with executing on risk, then the remorse is negligible.

Finally, perhaps having successes like the interstate system prevents the US from taking risks because the risk is complicated by the current environment. For instance, cell phone penetration was initially limited because it had to adhere to rules already established for land lines. But cell phones are arguably a superior form and function of communication. India on the other hand doesn’t have that issue with land lines so it has greater cell phone penetration rates. The ability to scrap what is already built is slowly going away – tying our hands in the future.


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